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NPD has been operating its pharmacy wholesaling business across South Australia and into Victoria for many years. Its major customer has been the National Pharmacies chain of stores. NPD is owned and operated by National Pharmacies.

With the introduction of the CSO as a part of the Fourth Community Pharmacy Agreement negotiated between the Federal Government and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, NPD is now expanding its operations by broadening its customer base.

NPD is a pharmacy wholesaler that has been accredited by the Federal Government on a State basis. Those States are South Australia and Victoria – that part of the country where NPD has both experience and expertise.

NPD is located in the western suburbs of Adelaide. Our Distribution Centre covers around 4,500 square metres and is operated by an experienced team of 50 people. From this location, stock can be delivered to any pharmacy in South Australia and Victoria within 24 hours from order cut-off time.

A comprehensive range of medicines is stocked including the full PBS product listing as it relates to community pharmacy.

To register your pharmacy with NPD, click here.

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