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No statement on this site or linked site is an endorsement of any particular product, or a recommendation as to how to treat any particular disease or health related condition. Your first contact if you have a medical problem should always be with your treating doctor or health professional.

NPD is not liable for any loss, damages (including consequential loss and damage), costs or any liability from advice given on incomplete or incorrect information except as provided below.

For loss, damage or liability which cannot be excluded by a law of Australia, NPD excludes its liability to the extent possible, and where such loss, or damage or liability cannot be excluded by a law of Australia, is limited, at the option of NPD, to:

in the case of goods:
the cost of replacing the goods;
the cost of obtaining equivalent goods; or
the cost of having the goods repaired;
in the case of services:
the supplying of the services again;
the cost of having the services supplied again.

We at NPD respect confidentiality in regard to personal information passed over this website and ensure that we will not allow a third party to access this information unless they are acting on our behalf, or as required by State or Federal law in Australia.

Customers are assured that NPD will ensure that purchasing information remains strictly between yourself and NPD.

All credit card details and personal information is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software which is highlighted with a gold padlock in your web browser. For more details visit Security.

Email Address privacy

Email addresses are collected by NPD to assist in providing website services for customers. Failure to provide this information to NPD is likely to prevent NPD from being able to offer the best possible service. By providing your email address you permit NPD to send communication by email. Should you wish to, you can access the information you provide to NPD by contacting the Privacy Officer, as stated in the Privacy Policy. NPD will not disclose personal information you provide to any other organisation or individual, unless required or authorised by law to do so or unless you consent to the disclosure.

NPD advises that it cannot guarantee this website and/or its links are virus free. It is each visitor’s own responsibility to ensure they scan for any viruses and or faults before allowing such viruses/faults into their system.


NPD provides links to other websites maintained by other companies, associations, organisations and government departments. NPD provides these links in the best interest of our members and customers and as such has endeavoured to ensure they meet our high quality standards. However, NPD does not accept any responsibility for the control and accuracy of content found in these websites.


The information supplied within the NPD website is directed to registered pharmacists who are located in Australia. Products are offered for sale strictly to registered pharmacists located within Australia.


At all times we endeavour to ensure our prices are competitive.
Prices and availability are subject to change without prior notice.


NPD offer Next Day Delivery in most cases (subject to time of order placement and individual customer terms agreement).

In the case of out of stocks or stock becomes unavailable after your order is placed, then the order will be adjusted and no charge processed for unavailable lines.

No backorders will be placed for unavailable stock.

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