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A recall can occur at anytime and there are a variety of reasons for a manufacturer / supplier to recall a product. The logistics instruction can vary depending on the urgency of the recall.

1-As soon as NPD is aware of a product recall you will be contacted and informed of the required action. Communication will take place by your registered e-mail address and a notice on this website.
2-Returns from a recall will only be accepted if the recall has formally been notified by NPD.
3-Only products supplied by NPD will be eligible for the NPD recall / returns processes.
4-The logistics instructions will be communicated separately and are determined by our supplier instructions.
5-In case of an urgent recall an R.A.N. ( see returns policy ) will be provided together with the logistics instructions.
6-When all returns policies and supplier instructions are met, a credit will be issued to you and adjustment / refund processed on your credit card.
7-The NPD Claims Store will co-ordinate any recall and they will be your point of contact for any enquires about the recall.

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